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March 23, 2010

Today was Shipping Day!

Today was shipping day at The Painted Cookie. It is fun when you are given a suggestion and then you create it. This was a nice change of pace from the larger repetitive orders. The first one was off to Chincoteague Island to celebrate a birthday. Margaritas and trout fishing were the selected themes. It is hard to see but I was able to "salt" the glass with some course sugar. I am always hesitant to "draw" cookies as that is not my specialty. But I can use these cookies for my bidding to purchase a KopyKake!

Off to Clifford in Longview, TX a gift from his grandchildren to celebrate his 91st birthday! I guess golfing does keep you young!

And another request for the Baby Mama! This cutter (also from has become a favorite shower cookie and this order shipped off to Burlington, VT.


  1. Love them all..really like the golf green..really cute and I am so lovin your Baby Mama cookie..she is just precious!!

  2. There's another design using the flip flop cutter...the golf green!

  3. Ohhh I love all of these cookies! They are all so beautiful. The baby mama is so classy, and I really like the way you made the lilac cookies. I think you are doing great without the copycake, and to me freehanded cookies have charm. In real life things aren't all perfect and our cookies don't have to be either.

  4. Thanks Heba! I found your blog this morning and love your techniques, especially your corneili lace! Thank you for your kind words. So glad to make your aquaintness!

  5. Your cookies are so adorable!! You are very talented!!