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June 13, 2010

Cookies Arrived in Bahrain!

I am happy to report that my first attempt to ship cookies overseas has been a GREAT success! Not one cookie broken! My customer writes:

Dear Susan,
How can I thank you for such an exquisite work of art ! I mean the photos of your cookies on the internet doesn't do them justice, people should see them live as I did when I first opened those very well packaged boxes ! WOW I loved everything about those cookies from their cute little faces, till their golden crowns ! I've attached few pics as a witness to their arrival in my house in Bahrain ! All of them arrived in one piece ( due to your excellent packaging !) & thank you one more time for this wonderful work!  
best regards,
She was very kind  to share pictures after the cookies arrived:


  1. The little girl cookie looks awesome. you do a great job on all the details, hopefully one day I can learn more about cookie decorating.

  2. Those are cute, I'm so happy they got there safely!