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September 24, 2011


I love this scalloped rectangle cutter, I have used it for a backdrop for so many designs. My latest is "The Snake"....something about young boys and snakes! Hunter was having his party at a local nature center and requested a brown snake on his cookie. With all the humid, rainy weather we have been having in the Northeast, I decided to let the white base dry for 2 days and it worked wonderfully to prevent any bleeding from the brown and the green border.


  1. Hunter is going to love his snake cookies and he's going to love seeing his name on each one too! Great looking cookie.

  2. Very Cute!!! Where did you find the scalloped square cookie cutter & how big is it?

  3. Thank you everyone! The cutter is from . It is 3.5X4.25 inches, #3472.