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October 5, 2011

Ambler Farm Day 2011

Our family is a big supporter of Ambler Farm our local town farm. Both of my boys are apprentices there. Ambler Day is their big annual fundraiser with fun for all ages. Here is my oldest Sam who is a mentor Apprentice this year riding around the morning before the festivities started:

Benjamin my youngest is enjoying his first season working on the farm. He was in charge of helping with the Apple Sling Shot a big favorite activity every year:

And then there is my honey doing tractor rides throughout the day. He had fun, but the exhaust trailing into the cab really got to him by the end of the day. But a good time was had by all:

And finally the cookies I designed for the bake sale were 2 new designs this year. First of all I decided to make a chocolate dough. While I love the taste, I use Ghiradhelli Cocoa (Yum) it is not as easy to roll as my usual sugar dough. First was a leaf cookie. Believe it or not I have never done a feathered border before. I am happy with the results and will definitely be using this design again:

I wanted to do a Halloween design for the kids and I had this large 6-inch ghost that I thought would be fast and easy. But just doing eyes and a mouth looked too boring so I played around with the words "Ambler Farm" to see how I could make it fun and this spider seemed perfect!

So a good time was had by all, and the fundraiser was a BIG success!


  1. You SHOULD use the feathered technique again. Are you sure it's your first? It looks AMAZING! Wow!

  2. I bet that apple sling shot was a riot! Your leaf cookie is so pretty. So nice done with the chocolate cookie and your jazzed up ghost...perfect!