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November 24, 2012

New Location Coming Along

 We are hoping to be in our new location next month. The town and state approval process has taken longer than expect, but we are getting quite excited as the equipment is coming in!

New Thanksgiving designs 2012

I had fun working on these new cutters I bought for the holiday. The dinner themed cookies are very popular in the cookie world. I also designed a cornucopia and Indian corn too:

Beauty & the Beast

My son was in the production of Beauty & the Beast Jr this month. These were thank you gifts for the producers:

Erin's Sweet 16

One of my regular customer's daughter was turning 16 and gave me her invitation to be "inspired" with a design:

Cheerleader Favors

I was given a picture of this cheer uniform and designed a cookie for the squad:

New Thanksgiving Design 2012

New Gingerbread Pilgrim cutters I designed with Beth at to go with her Gingerbread Indian. Are they cute? They make great Place card cookies too!


Obama Cookies

The New Canaan Democratic Chapter order Obama favors for their staff:

Wipeout Party

Wipeout favors for a Birthday party:

Owl Onesies

An Autumn version of my Owl Onesie design....

Go Bears!

A college gift pack sent to St Louis:

Marnie's Halloween Birthday Party

Crown favors were requested in "Halloween" style. The birthday girl was wearing a tiara with her costume, so we came up with a design to include eyeballs and spider's web:

Emily's Confirmation

Pretty in Pink for these decorated crosses for a sophmore's confirmation:

Wedding Favors shipped to Nashville

A local bride and her mother decided they wanted favors for the wedding guests arriving in Nashville for their wedding. The bride chose a western boot, an autumn leaf and an acorn. I was nervous about shipping 3 cookies wrapped in one bag, but out of 360 cookies only 3 broke!

Another 50th Celebration

At least I am not the only one turning 50 this year! My childhood friend who lives in Burlington, Vermont invited me up to celebrate at her party on Columbus day weekend. This is the platter I made for her. I love the "Bellbottom" font I used for the 1962. I wish I had had time to use it on the crowns as well.

Carol's 50

My best friend in California wanted colorful musical notes for her 50th birthday celebration. Her favorite colors blue, pink and orange made for a colorful favor:

Guilia's Baptism

A simple white cross with gold lettering was requested for Guilia's (pronouned Julia) baptism. Cutter is from

Go Bo Foundation

I was honored to be ask by my friend Jill who lives in Wisconsin to be one of the many cookiers contributing to the Go Bo Foundation for a community bake sale to raise money for the Foundation. You must go and read about Bo's courageous life and decisions about dying from cancer. He was truly a remarkable soul. His color was orange and I got my inspiration from Jill's own cookies and drawings for this cause. Her stick figures inspired my own cookies using an orange ribbon as the main design:

October 20, 2012

Celebrating 50

This month I turned 50 and had a wonderful time celebrating. One of my favorite was a trip up to New Hampshire and Vermont. We stopped in to visit King Arthur Flour. I wish they were closer because I would love to take some baking courses in their fabulous kitchens.

And I couldn't leave without sitting in their famous chair!

University of Illinois

Another college gift set off to University of Illinois:

Ambler Farm Day 2012

For this year's Ambler Farm Day I wanted to have make me a cutter of the Red Barn. Can I just say I love getting custom cutters from! Didn't turn out great?Owners Beth and Ray never let me down.

Ambler Farm in Wilton, CT

Owl VS BAt?

I had an order for owl favors and as I was rolling them out, I kept seeing the image of a bat. So I rolled a few extras and voila another use for the owl cutter! Here I used Ann Clark's Owl cutter.

Halloween is in the Air

I haven't been posting much due to the setting up of our new location in Wilton. But this being my favorite cookie season, I wanted to post a special Halloween picture for you all. Hope to be posting more soon!

September 28, 2012

Birthday Magic Top Hats

A Magic Hat Favor for a Magic Birthday Party. I don't know if  you can see I painted so silver swirls up top with luster...

Tinkerbell Silhouettes

Silhouettes of Tinkerbell for a Fairy themed party...

Town of Redding

Cookies for a board meeting of the Town of Redding...

Twin Trains for 2

Twins Alex and Brianna celebrated their 2nd birthday with a train theme.

Baby Boy Owls

An order requested for my Owl Onesie but in Blue with green accents.

Beth's Candy Jars

Beth from had requested I make her some cookies from last year's collaboration of Halloween cutters. Here are her Candy Jar pictures for this year...

Are they fantastic? I need to do some for myself next year!

Elizabeth & Wade 9-1-12

Elizabeth contacted me this past spring to discuss her wedding favors for the first Saturday in September. I love a bride who plans ahead! She knew she wanted autumn leaves that were personalized. I was able to match the font on her invitations by using Congrats to Elizabeth & Wade!

September 1, 2012

Halloween Comes Early this Year

Beth over at decided she wanted to decorate her candy jars early this year with Halloween cookies. So we shipped off this sampling of cookies made with the cutters we have collaborated on over the past two years. All the shapes are available on the website except for the grim reaper which is a custom design for us.

Here is a picture of last year's jars with our cookies accenting the design:

I can't wait to see what Beth creates this year!

EWGA Golf Tournament Platter

This is my 3rd year donating to the EWGA's  fundraiser. This year they raised over $10,000 for the Susan G Koman Fund! Here was this year's platter:

Grandma's 90th Celebration

We all gathered in Duxbury at the end of July to celebrate Grandma's upcoming 90th birthday. I decided to try my first edible image cookies. Not willing to purchase a printer to use with edible inks yet, I got an price quote from our local Stop & Shop of $5.00 per sheet. I got a baby picture from one of the sons. Unfortunately the printer at Stop & Shop broke so one of my cookie sisters printed out the picture and mailed me the printed frosting sheets. I found them very easy to lay down on the wet Royal Icing and dried in a day and a half. These cookies were a huge hit and now the hunt is on for a printer as I see many other edible images in my future!

Grandma's Baby Photo Cookie Favor