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January 28, 2012

Cub Scout Themed Birthday

A birthday assortment requested for a young boy who is in cub scouts and just had his pinewood derby race. Included cub scout cap, derby car, soccer ball and candles..

January 22, 2012

The "Once Upon A Time" Project

This month I had the privilege of joining Anne Yorks from Flour Box Bakery who organized "Once Upon A Time" decorating project that included 22 cookie designers. Each designer was assigned a character to create a collection around their given character. I strongly encourage you to view other Amazing Designs created by Oh Sugar Events, Life's a Batch, Color Me Cookie, MT Lookout Sweets, TheRedCooky, Laura's Cookies, Flour Box Bakery, The Hungry Hippopotamus, SweetArt Sweets, Sweet Hope Cookies, Sweet Creations, Lorraine's Cookies, Cupookie, The Cookie Countess, Songbird Sweets, Palestine Painted Cookie, Arty McGoo, Sweet-T-Cakes, Sweet Sugarbelle, Cookies with Character and LilaLoa. Their creativity was mind-blowing and their designs just incredible! Go to Flour Box Bakery and see the designer/character assignments with links to their pages to view their own descriptions.

Once Upon A Time "Dorothy"

My character was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. My first thought was that I had an easy character, but then realized with Dorothy you also have a dog, tin-man, scarecrow and lion too! Toto was easy, and for the 3 sidekicks I used a teddy bear cutter using Silver luster dust to paint the tin man. For Dorothy I decided to use a "hanging baby" but gave her the braids and shoes that she was known to wear with the blue gingham from her dress on the wrap. The other elements I wanted to include were the "Yellow Brick Road", red shoes and poppies. The yellow brick "blanket" was a towel cutter and the shoes were an oval cutter. Red disco dust was perfect for the shoes and accent frame. Still not a fan because of the mess, but it did make them sparkle!

My characters were fun to create but I strongly encourage you to visit the other designers listed above to view their interpretations of their "baby" characters. You will be AMAZED at the elements they were able to include in their designs. And a BIG Thank You to Anne Yorks who pulled us all together on this project...TOO MUCH FUN!!!

January 21, 2012

Tax Time Already

This is the second year our accountant has ordered our 1040 Tax Form cookies. After writing all of the info on so many cookies I can see why people use edible printers! A lot of work, but she loves them this way...

January 12, 2012

January 9, 2012

Who LIves in a Pinepple?

SpongeBob of course! A fun favor for Carlo's 4th birthday party...

January 6, 2012

Happy 40th to a Mickey Mouse Fan

My Sister-in-law LOVES anything Mickey and of course for her 40th birthday she's going to Disneyworld! I have a cookie sister who was so sweet to send me this cutter set when she was at Disneyland when she learned I wanted the glove cutter. This is a licensed cutter set, so look for them in the stores. They are simple but will give my SIL her "Mickey" fix for the plane ride there....