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February 29, 2012

Pink Hydrangeas

I have had this cutter for a while now and while and it was perfect to continue my procrastination of taxes and create designs instead! This is my first attempt trying brush embroidery and it is not my last. I think these will work well for Mother's Day gifts. cutter #5318

Designer Handbags

A request for "girly" purses with a touch of "gold" a hostess requested. I myself not up on purse styles, decided to create my own Channel bag! cutter #1667

February 25, 2012

Luck of the Irish

Everyone can use some Irish luck, right? Here it is times 3!

February 19, 2012

Cheers to Green Beer!

I think the leprechauns are gathering and getting ready for St Patrick's Day! I am sure this is one of their favorite drinks, these mini 3.5 inch mugs of green beer! Order your shamrock sprinkles early...
Cutter from

Cub Scouts Again

It is Blue & Gold season and this 4-some was sent to Florida this week. The Tent is a new design using my envelope cutter. Doesn't it have the perfect shape for a large tent?

February 18, 2012

It's Winter Break...Where's the Snow?

We are having a different weather season this year for sure! After the hurricane in August and the October Snow Storm, our kids started off with 10 snow days added to the school calendar. But now the winds have died down and we have had one measurable snow since then, which was gone in 2 days by rain. So it is February vacation and no snow in site. Actually all the daffodils are up a month early! But with a customer heading north in search of snow at Okemo Mountain, she wanted to celebrate snow and a week of skiing..

February 14, 2012

February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

It has been a busy Valentine season here! Here are some of our most popular orders...

Valentine Bears

A Mother's Gift to Son at College

Lips & Hearts

Red Romance Platter
Heart Bordered Favors

February 5, 2012

Ready for some Football?

It is finally here....Super Bowl Sunday! Patriots vs Giants. The teams didn't make for a very colorful platter, but at least there were footballs to break up the red and blues.

Another Cookier who I am sure you are all familiar with, Arty McGoo, invited her husband to commentate over several styles of Super Bowl cookies made by other designers. The post is fun, as all her posts are, and you should subscribe to her blog if you haven't already! Her talent is so amazing as she "paints" on cookies, I am rethinking my choice of "Painted Cookie" for me, she is an artist that will amaze you for sure.