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March 31, 2012

Silvermine Pancake Breakfast

For the past 4 years I have donated cookies for the Silvermine Breakfast fundraiser for their scholarship fund. This year I had a couple of new designs. I have mentioned I don't care for cookie pops, but I thought these would be a big seller for the kids...

I hadn't had a chance to do another design using my new lamb cutter from using chocolate dough so it would look like a black faced lamb. Love how these came out and my boys kept hovering for more chocolate cookies!

I had some more chocolate dough left so I thought it would be fun to have chocolate carrots for the Easter Bunny!

Next up were the Peeps. Everyone loves Peeps right?

And last was a platter for the raffle.....

I am happy to say that every cookie sold by the end of the breakfast! It was a good day for Silvermine : )


  1. Super cute! My favorite is the tray at the bottom, with the pretty assortment. Love the eggs! I like both my cookie recipes, but the chocolate one is everybody's favorite! I use the Double Dutch Dark Cocoa from King Arthur Flour, and are they ever chocolatey! Happy Easter!

  2. Your cookies are really adorable!!! I'm sure they sold quickly!!

  3. No doubt every cookie sold...they are all wonderful. Love the chocolate lambs and the bunny pops are great for the kids...they like them big! Four years running, I'm sure the Silvermine Breakfast Fundraiser looks forward to your contribution every year.

  4. These are all incredibly beautiful Susan! How nice that you were able to make such a wonderful donation! Thanks for sharing!