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June 10, 2012

KK Gives Big Advantage to Corporate order

This was my first corporate order using my new KopyKake. I purchased it when I received this order. I cannot express how wonderful it was working on 250 favors and not loosing one to piping errors! And it went so much faster too!

June 6, 2012

Shark Bite Birthday

Large 6-inch shark cookies were a perfect favor for a party at our local Maritime Aquarium. The teeth were piped with a PME tip #1 with thickened white icing using the "pipe dot and drag" method to get the points to the teeth. And the eyes were a wet-on-wet with the gray and white dot (not thickened) and a black pearl candy.

"Seussical" Cookies

A local theater group performing the musical "Seussical" ordered Cat-in-the-Hat cookies. After making this design several ways, I find that outlining in black and then filling in makes the best looking cookie. Remember to add some additional powder sugar to your white to soak up some extra moisture to prevent bleeding.