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July 17, 2012

60th Birthday Corvette

A client contacted me for a favor cookie for her husband's 60th birthday. She was looking for an Orange Corvette Convertible to match her husband's new car:

 My "go to" for custom cutter is of course! I emailed Beth the picture and we began the discussion of the cutter. I had to stretch the height of the cookie for fear of breakage due to its shape. Here is what Ray the Coppersmith came up with:

 My client also decided she wanted the hubcaps painted silver which would be time consuming but with a hint from a friend, I printed out a sheet with 20 images and slipped them into sheet protectors and piped the hubcaps on top of the images. I originally wanted to use my airbrush but the force of the air blew the hubcaps right off the pages! So I decided to paint with NuSilver Luster Dust and it work great.

Here is the final product:

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