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June 14, 2013

8th Grade Dinner Dance

"Under The Sea" was the theme for the dance and colors in the blues/purples/greens to match the invitations...

Karate Favors

I didn't know there are "One Stripe" black belts and "Two Stripe" black belts, did you?

June 1, 2013

Starfish Wedding

Favors for a beach wedding...

Firehouse Favors

For a birthday party at the local Fire Station...

Race Car Favors

Swim Suit & Trunk Favors

Perfect for a swimming party for a brother & sister...

2 Princes

A fun favor for a Mom-to-be who's last name is "Prince" and expecting twin boys, her 2 little Princes...

Blessings for Malin

A Christening favor....

Lambs & Sheep Baby Shower

A platter of Lambs for the guests and personalized Sheep favors for the grandparents, parents and siblings

Pale PInk Onesies & Standing Lambs

Favors for a Baby Shower with very pale pink coloring...

Tennis Ball Favors

Happy 10th birthday to Dean